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Children will praise your name!

Lia took my brochure Listen to God and called our neighbor, Anabelle. Lia gave it to her then started browsing it. I let them be, thinking that they were only playing. When it came to Noah’s picture, I don’t know why but Lia called me. I found out that Anabelle do not know Noah so I told them the story. After a while I asked Anabelle if she wanted a bible study. She started to say no when Lia stood up and run inside the house. I was surprised she came back with a Bible and the book Bible Teach. I’ll ask the girl again tomorrow about a bible study because in the end they went inside the house and played. #proudtita #jw

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its really tempting to take a nap after lunch.

I got tagged by @strawberry-galaxystarr since forever. I’m really sorry for this late post. I don’t check my tumblr regularly. Thank you for tagging me!

1. Who is your favorite biblical character and why?
- The first name that came to mind is Elijah. The time when he became so depressed that he even wanted to die, I can relate to that. Note that this happened after Jehovah showed his power by sending fire from heaven. This shows that everyone of us is vulnerable. Even the strongest can feel so depress but just like Elijah we must not turn away from Jah, because he can give us strength and lift our spirit.

2. What would your home look like in the new world or where would you live?
- Me and my friends have been diacussing this for awhile. Haha! first I thought I wanted to live in a tree house then under the sea. I the end, I decided to live in a moving house. So I can travel and meet a lot of people. Or I can sleep wherever. hahaha!

3. What is your fav time of the day and why?
- Lunch time. Why? because that is the only time of the day that you can eat a lot of rice and people understand you.

4. If you could have any animal as a pet, what would you have?
- A dolphin, Lion, wolves, and whale.

5. Who do you want to see in a concert?
- I’m a 90s kid. I would love to see boyz2men,backstreet boys, westlife, A1, and 98degrees.


Here are my questions.
1. Who will you first talk to from the ressurected bible characters?
2. What are your long term goals?
3. What will you do with 1 million?
4. If you only have an hour to live who do you want to be there beside you?
5. If you could live during the bible times, what era would you choose? And why?

I tag zxcvbnmaris zajarez eightellipses ap1914 and whoever that wanted to answer my questions. just tag me so I can see.


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@phitzanity with our 3 babies. #dogs #puppylove


Dinner at Pavilion. hehe.. chuchal. #chowking #jw #friends #bonding